CPA 101

Bean counter, number cruncher, paper pusher, math whiz . . .

This list goes on and on. In fact, you might even have a few nicknames for accountants yourself. But you know what? These labels couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cutting though the stereotypes can be challenging sometimes, but we’ve got the tools to prove that accounting is far more than just tax returns and audits.

In fact, today’s Certified Public Accountants possess the skills to work almost anywhere – a fortune 500 corporation, a pro sports team, a film production company, the FBI, a record label, a university or even their own business. In short, CPAs run the business world. They play a fundamental role in the day to day operations of every organization, keeping their doors open and their customers coming.

CPAs have titles like chief financial officer, controller, managing partner, business advisor, president and more. Sound good to you? Cast any preconceived notions out of your mind and imagine yourself in the role of CPA, possessing the business knowledge, accounting competencies, leadership and communication skills to help you achieve the career of your dreams!

Now, browse through the CPA 101 resources to find out what it takes to earn the highly acclaimed title of Certified Public Accountant for yourself.

What is a CPA?

Those three letters stand for Certified Public Accountant, but they mean a whole lot more. To those in the business world, the CPA credential signifies trust, integrity, and necessity for any company striving to succeed. Learn more about the certification and exactly what you need to earn it.

Is this career right for you?

Choosing a career path is a big decision and we’re here to help. Take this 12 question quiz to find out if your work values, personal interests, and career goals align with the principles of the CPA profession.

What skills do I need?

Don’t worry, math does not have to be your favorite subject to be a CPA. Sure, basic math skills are important for the career, but CPAs perform a wide range of tasks beyond just arithmetic and finance. See for yourself how a variety of skills can help you become a successful Certified Public Accountant.

CPA FAQs: What you need to know

Dig deeper into educational requirements, licensing guidelines and CPA Exam structure by checking out the answers to frequently asked questions about CPA basics.

Position descriptions: Which career path is right for you?

Another great benefit of becoming a CPA is the assortment of job opportunities available within the profession. Small firm, large firm, public accounting, corporate accounting, government or non-profit - the possibilities are endless. Sort through some of the more common positions held by CPAs to see which ones pique your interest.

CPA designation can be your ticket to an adventurous career

The sky is the limit for CPAs. Never have there been more opportunities or greater demand for qualified accounting graduates and especially those who have earned the CPA designation. Pursue a career in accounting and let the CPA credential lead you down the path to a rewarding and lucrative career.