Career resources

Accounting remains one of the hottest majors on campus. And why shouldn't it be? With attractive starting salaries, high job placement, careers that can take you anywhere in the world, and work that is challenging and exciting, why wouldn't you want to major in accounting? Browse through these career resources to help you get ahead of the pack and get noticed by your professors, peers and the all-important recruiters.

Jobs and internships

Another great benefit of becoming a CPA is the assortment of job opportunities available within the profession. Small firm, large firm, public accounting, corporate accounting, government or non-profit - the possibilities are endless. Sort through some of the more common positions held by CPAs to see which ones pique your interest. 

Resume help

Your resume is your chance to make the best first impression that you can to hiring managers. You could say that the resume is more the recruiter's tool for eliminating candidates than the candidate's tool for gaining consideration.

Interview 101

Interviews can be an intimidating experience. Preparation in the form of research and practice can make a world of difference. Let us help you ace Interview 101.


A rich professional network opens doors to future internships, career opportunities and peers. You never know who in your network might serve as a job reference, provide you with important information, act as a sounding board or resource, or become a potential employer. Think about everyone you know. Each person you meet has a wealth of skills, talents, insights – and further connections.

Whether you are networking in person or over the Web, increasing your professional network requires ethical networking skills. The strongest relationships are based on trust and are built over time – through multiple contacts and conversations. The best networkers ask questions, follow-up, offer their help and are great listeners.