Accountancy Board notifies CPAs of rule changes

Aug 09, 2012
Many Ohio licensees received an email message Aug. 9 alerting them to new rules being issued by the Accountancy Board of Ohio (ABO). Don't worry: the rule notification is in response to Ohio's new Common Sense Initiative, CSI: Ohio, making sure stakeholders have a chance to evaluate the impact of proposed changes before they take effect. The Ohio Society has already evaluated the minor rule changes and agreed to them.

The six proposed rules are part of a routine state process under which all administrative rules must be reviewed every five years and resubmitted for continuation if the agency – the ABO in this case – supports continuation or change. The ABO took the opportunity to do some minor cleanup of the rules. Rest assured that OSCPA attends all ABO meetings and weighs in on all proposed rule and law changes to ensure the best interests of Ohio CPAs and the public are represented.

The rules cover topics such as definitions of accounting terms and standards, ethics matters, and the ABO’s education assistance fund. No major changes were made.

If you wish to weigh in, the deadline for comments on the proposed rules is Aug. 31. Additional information is available at the Accountancy Board of Ohio website. Please send all comments to and copy