Expand your community outreach: Serve as a NFP board member

Mar 06, 2012

Not-for-profit organizations frequently seek out the expertise of CPAs, many times needing a treasurer or a member for their board of directors. OSCPA is creating a new Not-for-Profit Connection program to meet that demand and match CPAs with the right opportunity.

CPAs serving as board members for not-for-profits is a win-win relationship for everyone involved. The not-for-profits are able to bring in a board member with financial expertise that can serve as treasurer, provide guidance on internal controls and review financials. CPAs are then able to volunteer, make a real difference in their community, share specialized knowledge and expand their visibility.

The time commitment for volunteering for a NFP can vary depending on the not-for-profits’ needs. As a volunteer, you can select the opportunity that meets your needs.

If you are interested in volunteer work with a not-for-profit, please register on OSCPA’s website today. If you have questions, you can also contact Erin Lasch, manager, member relations at elasch@ohio-cpa.com or 800.686.2727, ext. 371.