You’re hired! Demand for accountants is on the rise

Feb 27, 2012

Here’s some good news for students interested in accounting and becoming a CPA - the profession is hiring! According to FINS from the Wall Street Journal, public and national accounting firms as well as corporate businesses are actively seeking accounting staff. Although the scope of need varies by workplace, there is a demand for staff to advise companies on tax, audit and business needs as well as provide in-house council. From recent graduates to seasoned CPAs, firms and companies are looking to hire qualified candidates.

In a recent report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected large growth for the accounting profession in the next six years, creating up to 500,000 jobs. Accounting Today reports that firms are working to improve work culture and to boost employee retention. So, not only will more accounting jobs be available in the future, but employers will be working harder to keep new hires satisfied in their roles and with the company.

The projected explosive growth of the profession results from several reasons. FINS says increasing corporate revenue and profits, immense changes to regulatory policies and making up for flat hiring in the past couple years all contribute to the increasing demand for accounting professionals.

Stay tuned, there is even more good news! Not only are accountants in high demand, they are also being well compensated. The NACE Salary Survey released in January reveals that 2011 accounting graduates saw a 3.7% salary increase compared to 2010 graduates, earning an average salary of $50,500 annually.

The outlook is bright for accounting majors. With continued projected job growth for several years and increases to annual compensation, the profession offers a favorable future.