Think tanks push to close Ohio tax loopholes

Sep 13, 2012

Three Ohio-based think tanks representing various public policy perspectives are renewing a call they made last year to thoroughly re-examine Ohio’s myriad of tax expenditures, what they referred to as “loopholes.”
The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, The Center for Community Solutions and The Greater Ohio Policy Center issued a statement calling for a comprehensive process to review tax expenditures and change or terminate them when necessary.

“Our organizations often take different positions on how best to raise and allocate public resources, but we share the common goals of eliminating ineffective, counterproductive or outdated tax expenditures, and assuring that those remaining in Ohio tax law receive periodic scrutiny,” said the joint statement from the organizations.

The Ohio Society of CPAs recommended such a review process in the Budget Advisory Task Force report. OSCPA also testified last year before the Senate Ways and Means Committee in favor of studying existing programs and tax credits to make sure they still have merit.