Not-for-Profit Connection

The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants has launched a new service – the Not-for-Profit Connection – that matches CPAs with not-for-profit organizations seeking CPAs to service on their boards.

The board also provides CPAs as volunteers for not-for-profits in need of audit and income tax preparation services.

Register your not-for-profit request

Complete a questionnaire that will provide information to the CPAs regarding the services requested. This information will be shared with potential CPA volunteers.

Interested CPA candidates will be directed to your organization through a link or they’ll be provided with your contact information.

CPAs wanting to volunteer

If you are interested in serving as a board member for a not-for-profit or offering not-for-profit pro bono services, visit the volunteer page and click on the “Volunteer Now” icon. The Ohio Society will advise volunteers of service opportunities either through a link or with contact information.

For more information about OSCPA’s volunteer opportunities, contact Denise Ison-Miller at or 800.686.2727, ext. 325.