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NCSPlus Incorporated

Aug 16, 2011
Recovers three to four times the average of all collection agencies

Every business extending credit or accepting checks as payment has delinquent accounts. As a CPA you have delinquent accounts, as do your clients. To address these needs, The Ohio Society of CPAs is proud to have NCSPlus Incorporated (NCS) as an official affinity partner.

NCSPlus is an Accounts Receivable Management firm working:
  • Recover slow and delinquent accounts and bad checks
  • Improve your cash flow and keeping you focused on your top priorities.

NCSPlus represents over 35,000 companies, institutions, and medical practices throughout the country, and has been in business for over 25 years. They work differently than other agencies by offering a minimal one-time fixed fee, with no additional percentage fees during the primary collection phase.

NCS will collect any account on your books regardless of the age, size or debtor's location. When you or your clients submit an account to NCSPlus, they will work every account with the same professional dedication and process. For that reason, NCSPlus recovers three to four times the average of all collection agencies. NCSPlus offers a 400% written monetary guarantee and since every legal effort is made to recover your outstanding debts NCSPlus offers a 100% collection guarantee.

Offer this benefit to your clients

As a special consideration to OSCPA members, NCSPlus has agreed to offer your clients the same benefits that are available to you as part of your membership. NCSPlus will be a valued resource that our members can now provide to their clients.

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