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ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review

Aug 15, 2011

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Software, Books, Realistic Task Based Simulations, No Lock-Outs & Pass or Refund Guarantee

ExamMatrix’s "Adaptive Learning” Exam Review software ensures every study session is tailor-made to your personalized study needs, optimizing your valuable time. Our powerful software continually evaluates your unique strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, focusing your studying on subject areas of difficulty. As you master these concepts our software adapts to ensure that you see and answer correctly the optimum number of questions in each category. In addition, the review software has three levels, or tiers, of learning, giving you access to more in-depth explanations when required. The result: your most efficient method of study.

  • Pass or refund guarantee
  • No lock-outs
  • Over 4,000 multiple choice questions with full text answers
  • Over 190 realistic task based simulations
  • 4 comprehensive reference books
  • ExamMentor



Questions: or 800.272.7277, ext. 603

MyMaxScore SAT/ACT Online Test Prep

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SAT/ACT Online Test Prep Software

  • Intelligent Online Software - Thousands of Multiple Choice Questions with Immediate Feedback
  • Exclusive Gruber Strategies by SAT/ACT Exam Content Expert Dr. Gary Gruber
  • Full Length Practice Tests
  • Real-Time Progress Reports
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