Tax Planning Strategies for Your Financial Future

Tax planning is an important component of financial fitness. There are many areas to consider when developing a solid tax plan including changes in family size, saving for retirement and starting your own business, among many others. Our tax planning advice from Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF of Parms & Co. offers a solid starting ground for building your financial future. For more expert advice, consult a CPA.

Tax Planning Tips: Individuals

In this video, learn from tax expert Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF about strategies you can use to create a tax plan that’s right for you. Topics include identifying deductible items and the tax implications of donating to charity and borrowing money.

Tax Planning Tips: Self-Employed

Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF provides tips for self-employed individuals in this video. Helpful strategies that are covered include shifting income, determining tax deductible expenses and how the timing of large purchases can affect your tax bill.

Tax Planning Tips: Retirement

Are you concerned about saving enough money for retirement? In this video with Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF get a brief overview of tax planning strategies you can use to put you on the path to a comfortable future.

Tax Planning Tips: Parents

Having a child changes a lot, particularly your financial future. In this video with Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF learn about tax planning strategies unique to parents, including the advantages of a dependent care program, the  definition of the kiddie tax and utilizing a 529 college savings plan, among others.

Tax Planning Tips: Health Care

A flexible spending account, or FSA, is offered by many employers. Should you take advantage of it? What are the tax implications? Find out in this video with Ted Johnson, CPA/CFF.