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Tax time can be hairy. Avoid headaches and file on time with resources from The Ohio Society of CPAs.

Tax strategies to save you money

The 2013 filing season is upon us, and as with most things in life, planning early is the way to get ahead. Unsure of where to begin?

The Ohio Society of CPAs offers tax strategies and planning ideas for individuals and business owners. Learn more.

Why hire a CPA?

Taxes are complicated. Endless forms, line items, deductions….it can be hard to see the big financial picture when you are overwhelmed by details. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are highly qualified tax advisors. They don’t just prepare your returns—they work hand in hand with clients to build a tax strategy that saves you money. That’s a bottom line you can count on. Learn more.

Operation CPA

Military families have enough worries when a family member is away on duty. Each year, CPA volunteers prepare tax returns free of charge for those deployed outside of Ohio. It’s their way of saying thanks for keeping us safe at home. Learn more about Operation CPA.

Taxpayer News

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Last-Minute Filers: Avoid Common Errors
 The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers to review their tax returns for common errors that could delay the processing of their returns. Here are some ways to avoid common mistakes. More

8 errors you're most likely to make on your tax return
You're starting to think about your taxes -- or maybe you're fully engaged and already working on them. Either way, be careful.

IRS offers videos to help taxpayers preparing to file in 2014
The Internal Revenue Service is offering taxpayers a number of instructional YouTube videos to help prepare their taxes for the upcoming filing season, which begins on Jan. 31.

  • Aug 21: Going back to work after retirement: How Social Security, taxes and health care may be affected
    Retirement isn't what it used to be. Instead of leaving the workforce at age 65 and hitting the golf course every day, many retirees are going back to work. According to a recent Longevity Alliance and Harris Interactive poll, 43 percent of surveyed retirees seriously considered re-entering the workforce shortly after they had left their companies. Regardless of why retirees return to the workforce, it is important to understand how the decision might impact their retirement benefits and taxes.

  • May 9: Tax tips for newlyweds
    June is traditionally a time when couples tie the knot and, as is the case with so many major milestones in life, all newlyweds should be aware of the tax considerations associated with marriage. If you or a loved one are planning nuptials, The Ohio Society of CPAs offers this advice on addressing the tax concerns.

  • Mar 21: Safeguarding your tax records
    There are many other instances, such as applying for a mortgage or other type of loan, when it will also be important to access your tax returns and other financial information. At the same time, you want to be sure that your personal documents remain confidential. With that in mind, The Ohio Society of CPAs offers these tips on protecting your critical information.

  • Feb 27: How did the fiscal cliff deal affect your taxes?
    Remember all the talk about the impending fiscal cliff a couple of months ago? The fiscal cliff problems involved a list of expiring tax issues and congressionally mandated spending cuts. The expiring tax issues, at least, were mostly addressed in a new law, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, which made a number of changes in existing tax rules, while also maintaining some important rules that have an impact on many taxpayers. The Ohio Society of CPAs offers a rundown of what you need to know about the new rules this year.

Find a CPA

Need a CPA? Our Find a CPA program will connect you with a Certified Public Accountant near you that can help you with your individual or business taxes, answer your financial questions, and help you plan for a more financial fit future.

2014 Tax Call in Shows

The Ohio Society is working with media across Ohio to host CPA call in shows to assist the public with tax questions.

2013 Legislators Tax Guide 

This guide will be helpful to you by answering some frequently raised questions about income tax laws that specifically affect you as a member of the Ohio General Assembly.