Developing a retirement planning strategy that works for you

Retirement planning is an important component of financial fitness. There are many areas to consider when developing a solid retirement plan including knowing when and how to start saving, selecting the plan that’s right for you and determining when you need outside help to meet your goals. Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP offers a solid starting ground for building your financial future. For more expert advice, consult a CPA.

Retirement: Getting Started

In this video, retirement expert Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP talks about how to begin deciphering the complicated world of retirement planning. Learn when it’s time to start thinking about saving, the different types of plans available and the contribution limits.

Retirement: What you Need to Know about IRAs  

Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP talks about the cryptic world of IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). Topics covered include the differences between traditional and Roth IRAs, making contributions and withdrawals from your IRA accounts and tips on selecting the right IRA for you.

Retirement: Details to consider

To develop a solid retirement plan, many details need to be considered. In this video, Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP answers common questions about Social Security, tips for moving funds when leaving an employer, self-employment, health and life insurance and early retirement.

Retirement: Hiring help

In this video, Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP talks about the right moment to hire a financial advisor when developing a retirement strategy. The results of a DIY job can be disastrous, particularly as retirement nears. Watch this video to learn when professional help can benefit you.

Retirement: Mistakes and Strategies

Knowing common mistakes and striving for sound strategies will make your retirement plan a success. Watch this video with Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP to learn about the best strategies as well as tips for avoiding costly mistakes.